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StepMania is a challenging dancing game with multiple playing modes
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StepMania is a popular arcade game that requires a lot of skill. This application requires great hand-eye coordination, as your objective is to press the direction keys displayed on the screen exactly at the right time.

StepMania allows you to choose between multiple playing modes, each with their own unique game-play aspects. Furthermore, you can compete against other human players, either on the same computer or over the Internet.

A trait that I really liked is that StepMania provides a host of settings and customization options, offering its users complete freedom in creating their own type of game. You can change the difficulty level, game speed, sounds, controls, etc. Furthermore, this game even allows you to modify the steps required for the songs on its list.

Another interesting aspect is that this game is distributed under an open-source license. This means that you can study, use and modify its code, thus bringing your own input to any aspect of the program.

As this version of StepMania is still in its alpha stages, it was bound to have a few glitches. The most annoying bug was that I couldn’t go back from the game selection menu to the main menu, so I had to restart the application a couple of times. Another thing that I didn’t like is that the game only features two playable tracks, although, in all fairness, it does allow you to add as many new ones as you wish.

In conclusion, StepMania is a challenging game, which will captivate a lot of players. Although the downloadable version is not yet final, it already has all the makings of a program that is worth trying out.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The program offers multiple playing modes
  • It provides numerous options


  • There are times when you can not exit the game selection menu
  • It only features two tracks
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